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Religious Colonization In America

I need to talk about Reformists and Seperatists.

Assess the role of religion as a motivation for European colonization of the Americas and show how religion affected the course of colonization. Your essay must include reference to the rise of Protestantism and the interaction of religion and politics, and it must address the development of specific English colonies.

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Religion was one of the major motivating factors for European colonization of the Americas. Roman Catholic Spain was the first country to establish itself in the Western hemisphere, and they immediately began to set up missions to bring the papal form of Christianity to the natives. Catholic missions would ultimately spread from the Caribbean to California on the west coast.

The beginning of the Reformation in the 1500s brought sweeping changes in Europe, as Protestantism supplanted Roman Catholicism in many countries. The main country involved in colonization that was affected by the Protestant Reformation was England. They established their first colony in Jamestown in 1607.

The first major religious ...

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The role religion played in early colonization in America, and how those early colonists were influenced by the political and religious impact of the Reformation.