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    Critical Thinking Assignment

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    In the essay A Nation of Idol-Worshipers by Terry Golway (found on the Intrnet), analyze where Golway shows that his argument is not completely one-sided.

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    To answer the question about not being "completely one-sided," examine where Golway concedes that most of us are involved in some kind of frivolous TV activity. In his case it's watching the golfer Phil Mickelson, where he says, "That's not to say that serious people cannot spend a few frivolous moments watching a silly show just for fun. I've spent more than a few hours this summer following the exploits of the golfer Phil Mickelson."

    He acknowledges that he too watches TV that caters to those who like to watch a silly game like golf, but even that he says isn't judged by "the whims of a British snooty judge."

    The reason Golway does this ...

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