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Dealing with Company Problems in a Managerial Position

Hence, you are going to pick a company. It would be preferable to pick the company that you currently work for, or have worked for in the past. To be sure, you are under no obligation to tell me anything about any work experience that makes you uncomfortable. Realistically, you can make things up and it does not really matter. The point is to learn to write. The substance itself is important only to you.

Pick the company you want to talk about.

Pick a problem at the company. The problem must be one that can be researched, to some extent (numbers are not important).

Tell me what the problem is, and what you would do about that problem.

Create an outline for a report. If you had to explain the problem to someone, how would you organize that explanation?

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Here is a hypothetical situation you may consider. Let's say you plan to go to work for McDonalds and you want to become a manager trainee, but during your training you discover that the food at McDonalds is very unhealthy.

Okay--now you have a problem. How do you reconcile your values, that is, living a healthy life style with managing a corporation that serves food that causes obesity and general poor health.

There ...

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A hypothetical solution to help you solve a moral dilemma as a person who is in a managerial position.