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    A good topic sentence

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    Describe the blending of two languages in your daily life. You can discuss the language of two cultures or countries (like English and Creole, or English and Portuguese), or of two parts of your life ( like the formal language you use at work and the informal language you use at home). Give several specific examples of each language.

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    Writing a paper or an essay is a lot like knowing how to frame your house. Put up the walls and the rest of the essay will fall into place. Without a good structure it's a lot harder to write an essay.

    A good topic sentence is like a small outline of the topics you're doing to discuss in your essay. For example if I was writing an essay about why I hate rats my topic sentence would say something like, "I hate rats because they're can carry disease, they look creepy, and they run rather quickly, and they scary me." Then, for the body of my essay I'd have one or two paragraphs on each of those (disease, how they look, and how they run).

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