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    "Sonny's Blues" and "Harrison Bergeron"

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    Discuss the contrasting literary styles used in James Baldwinâ??s â??Sonnyâ??s Bluesâ? and Kurt Vonnegut Jr's. "Harrison Bergeron.â?

    Choose the following approach:

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    As you brainstorm some possible ideas to formulate your paper, I feel like theme might be a possible scope to follow. Vonnegut uses a society based on the notion absolute equality to convey his ideas. On the other hand, Baldwin explores the transformational power of blues music to heal pain and suffering within the text's community. Tragedy also seems to permeate both themes. Both texts also seem to implore the need for social change within their communities as well.

    It seems like both texts, especially "Sonny's Blues," strongly reiterate how people experience pain and suffering as well as how they release these emotions through art. The quote, "Sonny was at that piano playing for his life," shows how music offers him ...

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    Sonny's Blues" and "Harrison Bergeron" are thoroughly compared in terms of theme. Textual evidence is also used to validate.