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Distinguishing Between Clinical or Major Depression and the Blues

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In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), mood disorders include disturbances in emotion ranging from extreme depression to extreme depression to extreme mania. Of course, most people feel sad and joyful from time to time, and, at some time in their lives, will know the grief that follows the loss of someone they love. These feelings, however, are a far cry from the clinical disorder describe in the DSM.

1) Discuss the difference between major depression and the blues. (Provide an example)

2) How do mental health professionals recognize the difference? (Provide an example)

3) What specifically do professionals look for to determine if a client does indeed have a depressive disorder and not just the blues? (Provide an example)

Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Limit the use of direct quotes. (Provide examples) Cite your sources with APA format

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Question: Distinguishing between clinical or major depression and the blues.

1) Discuss the difference between major depression and the blues. (Provide an example)

One distinct difference between major depression and the blues is that a person with major depression cannot be consoled, whereas someone who is experiencing the blues can be comforted or consoled. An example of someone with the blues is an individual who is experiencing bereavement and grieving the loss of a family member through death. While that individual might feel depressed about the loss he or she can be consoled by others and understands that the grieving process will change and become easier over time. An individual with major depression, on the other hand, cannot necessarily see themselves feeling any better about their situation in the future.
It is important that mental health professionals accurately distinguish between ...

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This library solution provides an overview of the differences between clinical or major depression and the blues. Also discussed are ways in which mental health professionals can distinguish between the two and determine whether an individual is suffering from major depression or simply experiencing the temporary blues.