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Challenges Encountered by English Language Learners

Please help with the following essay topic:

If English is not your native language, describe the problems you have learning English. Give specific examples of each problem.

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I've attached my response, and I hope it gives you some good ideas for your essay.

This is just an example so feel free to break from what I suggest and substitute your own ideas. Hopefully, this will get your going a good direction.

If it were my essay, I would start off with a basic outline which would be something like this:

1) Introduction: A brief introduction perhaps stating your native language if it is not English and a sentence or two about why or how you are learning English. If English is your native language, then you could write about your experience with non-native speakers. Finally, conclude with a sentence in which you briefly explain what points you will be making in your essay - aim for at least three.

2) Your first point: one problem non-native speakers have with English is the abundance of idioms present in the language. All languages have them but English has a lot. An idiom is a saying like "that person has a chip on his shoulder." The person does not really have a chip on his shoulder; there is nothing physical on the person's shoulder. What it means is that the person is upset about something that has happened and can't get over it. For example, maybe a person lost all their money in a bad business deal and now ...

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