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    Comprehensive Plot Summary of Jane Eyre

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    This solution contains a comprehensive summary of the main events of Jane Eyre

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    Charlotte Bronte's first published novel, Jane Eyre, tells the story of an extraordinary heroine who overcomes numerous obstacles in order to fulfill her destiny. Left an infant orphan by the deaths of her mother and father, Jane is raised by a cruel aunt who at best ignores and at worst mistreats her. Hitherto submissive, Jane breaks out in rebellion against this unjust treatment as the novel opens.

    As a result of her behavior, Jane is banished from the family circle and sent to Lowood, a charity school run by a hard, cruel man who cloaks his usage of the pupils in piety ...

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    This is a comprehensive plot summary of Charlotte Bronte's first published novel. This summary describes some of the main events which take place.