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    Interview with Practitioners: Prison & Clinical Psychologists

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    Interview two helping service professionals from two different settings, such as a school, hospital, or prison. Ensure that at least one of the interviewees is a clinical psychologist.

    Provide the name and work environment of the two professionals you interviewed.

    Ask the following questions to each of your interviewees:
    - In what setting do you practice? How long have you been practicing?
    - What are your specialties or areas of clinical focus?
    - What are the most common disorders you treat?
    - Do you have any special certifications or training beyond your original graduate coursework?
    - How do you approach therapy or treatment? Do you use specific modalities, techniques, or interventions?
    - What ethical and legal issues do you think are the most challenging or common?
    - Do you have an opinion on where you think the field of psychology is heading?
    - What do you enjoy most about your work?
    - What advice would you provide an aspiring psychologist or therapist?

    Discuss, in a 700 word integrated summary, the similarities and differences of how these professionals approach treatment in their settings. You do not need to include your interviews with your assignment; however, if you do, please note that this does not replace your summary and one should not have to refer to these to understand your summary.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are asking for help in putting together a discussion that showcases disclosures of practice through interviews with 2 practitioners in the field of psychology. I gather that you have not yet done these interviews and that you are asking for guidance in completing such a task. First some practical ideas.
    1. 1. The psychologists - do you know anyone that you can approach for this task? Try a school to see if you can talk to a counselor, you can even try your own school/university counselor. There are practitioners in hospitals as well as prisons too. They normally are very open as long as you call them first, introduce yourself and, if you could, get a letter from your professor with a heading of "To whom it may concern" essentially confirming your project/homework. But, if you are limited in all these, surely there are practitioners in your area with small clinics. They can help. An interview does not need to take such a long time. Go in with a set of questions to answer your homework and take note of their answers. Lastly, be polite and thank them. This is a good way for you to make connections for future practice.
    2. 2. The Questions - your questions are already given - just get their answer for each. There are no right or wrong answers - just their insight.

    Now for your outline. I suggest:

    1. About your psychologists - 200 words, build a profile for each
    2. Experience of Psychologist A - 200 words
    3. Experience of Psychologist B - 200 words
    4. Summary - you need to provide conclusions with regards to similarities and differences - 100 words

    This should cover the 700 word requirement. Remember, items 2 & 3 are to showcase the answers of the interviewees you have for all the questions. Some of the questions will have more input than others. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. All the best with your studies. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Below, using this outline I have created 2 'mock profiles' based on stereotypical practice to complete the outline ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task Csee above) on the topic of doing a comparative interview with two practitioners in the field of psychology (1 prison psychologist, one clinical psychologist). 1391 words with references.