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Evaluating an ADHD Child's Progress - Transition Plan

I need assistance with a summary of standard ways that psychologists in your discipline , or behavior analysis, evaluate client progress.

Write a brief transition plan for your hypothetical client and predict some problems that he or she might have once leaving treatment. (300-400 words)

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Evaluation Process: David's Case

An evaluation is a process in which the client is assessed to determine the issues, challenges and particular problems that the client has within the context of the symptoms and conditions that the client is experiencing/displaying. In the field of psychological testing, an evaluation consist of a number of processes that is undertaken at a set period or within a set number of hours/pre-determined screenings. An evaluation can be part of a screening or be an in-depth and separate undertaking from the screening that draws from information gathered in the screening process - this really depends on the manner of practice of individual experts/practitioners and is also impacted by particulars of a case (i.e. the screening yielded enough evidence to determine an ADHD condition or the screening points to the condition but a more in-depth evaluation is necessary to be sure). Typically, an evaluation is done in 1 or 2 sessions. Requiring at least 4 hours, it includes the following elements - a clinical interview (parents and/or teachers are included if the interview involves a child), psychological testing (including cognitive and attention testing), a review of previous client records and the completion of paperwork/report by knowledgeable individuals with regards to the condition/behavior/symptoms of the subject (i.e. ...

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The expert evaluates an ADHD child's progress. The transition plan from psychologists is provided.