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    Jane Eyre's childhood and first days as a governess

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    The solution deals with the first fifteen chapters of Jane Eyre and covers Jane's childhood and her first days as a governess.

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    1. What mood is set by the opening scene of the novel?
    2. Why is Jane banished from Mrs. Reed's fireside?
    3. How does the book Jane chooses illustrate her position in Mrs. Reed's family?
    4. What form does John Reed's abuse take? Why does his treatment of Jane go unpunished?
    5. How is Jane's rebellion in the opening chapters important?
    6. What is significant about the red-room? Why is it seldom used?
    7. Describe Jane's feelings when left alone in the red-room.
    8. Why is Jane disregarded by the family and servants of Gateshead? Explain.
    9. What provokes Jane's outburst in the red-room?
    10. Discuss Gothic elements you find in this novel. Support your discussion with examples from the text.
    11. What results spring from Jane's fit in the red-room, the illness which follows it and her conversation with Mr. Lloyd?
    12. Why is Jane exiled to the nursery after the red-room incident and its aftermath?
    13. Why does Jane prefer Bessie to any other inhabitant of Gateshead?
    14. Discuss the negative and positive ways characters use Christianity in this novel. Give examples to support each use.
    15. What does Mrs. Reed claim as the prevailing flaw in Jane's character?
    16. Discuss the scene with Mrs. Reed after Mr. Brocklehurst's departure. What effect does this scene have on Jane while it passes and afterwards?
    17. How does Bessie react to Jane's unwonted caress? What advice does she give Jane for the future?
    18. Why are the students unable to eat their breakfast on Jane's first morning ...

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    In this solution, I present a list of questions dealing with the first fifteen chapters of Charlotte Bronte's novel. These questions deal with Jane's time at Gateshead, her school years at Lowood and her first days at Thornfield Hall.