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American Realism in Turn of the Screw

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Give examples proving that James' The Turn of the Screw possesses two of the following characteristics of American realism:

Describes reality in comprehensive detail
Characters are more important than the plot and action
Complex ethical choices are often the subject of the literature
Characters are related to nature, to each other, to their social class and to their own past. This relation makes up the complexity of their temperament and motive.
Class is important (usually describes the middle class)
Events are usually plausible
Diction is natural, not heightened or poetic.

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As you briefly assess examples of American realism in Turn of the Screw, I feel that his novel definitely articulates complex ethical choices as the subject of the literature. We see morality come into question most certainly as the governess's probes Mrs. Grose about the exact nature of the relationship between Quint and ...

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