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    Explaining Quotes in "The Turn Of The Screw"

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    I need help explaining the following quote:

    "She hung fire so long that I was still more mystified. "He went, too," she brought out at last. "Went where?" Her expression, at this, became extraordinary. "God knows where! He died." "Died?" I almost shrieked. She seemed fairly to square herself, plant herself more firmly to utter the wonder of it. "Yes. Mr. Quint is dead." (49)

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    The quote takes place between Mrs. Grose and the governess. In this scene, the governess is trying to make sense of the ghostly sightings she has experienced at the country house. The first sentence describes Mrs. Grose's hesitation to answer the question the governess has asked. The ...

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    This solution explains a quote from Henry James' The Turn of the Screw.