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"The Mirror with a Memory"

What is the thesis and the main point of this essay?

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This is a fairly simple essay.

It deals with one man Jacob Riis (who died in 1914).

Thesis: Pictures can portray a sense of the true and real (in this case, about turn of the century American poverty). They are NOT, however, unbiased of themselves.

The context is the development of American urban life, roughly from 1875-1914
Riis was both a journalist and one of the first real professional (journalistic) photographers.

Here are the facts:
-There was a massive increase in urban dwellers in this period, something like 700%.
-There was an equally massive influx of poor immigrants (this forced wages down).
-Cities became overcrowded, filthy and very poor.
-The wealthy were slowly filtering out to the new suburbs to avoid the terrible conditions.
-Factory labor was long and dirty, and for almost nothing.
-Slowly but surely, a group known as the Muckrakers, dedicated themselves to exposing the filthy ...

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The Mirror with a Memory is examined. The thesis and mean points in the essay are determined.