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Case Study: An Alcoholic Mother

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I am in the process of writing a comprehensive case study and would like some ideas on some interesting case studies for the project. The case study must include: Client History, Family History, and Specific addiction or compulsive behavior. The case study can be make believe and I will have to integrate my knowledge of contemporary issues associated with delivery of compulsive and addiction treatment services.

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Dear Student,
Hello. This solution below should get you started. I hope it will fit with the current ideas you have with regards to the project in mind. I think that this topic will be good because this is going to be familiar and easy to relate to for you might have seen such cases around. This is a case I am familiar with as I have personally seen it unfold being that my family is the fostering the kids of the specified 'sample' subject in this particular narrative to this day. I have listed references and resources and sample case studies online as well. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know via the feedback section. Good luck!

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Case Study: Alcoholism

Client's Personal & Family History

The Client, Jane C. is a mother of 6 children, 4 girls and two boys. She has lived a complex life that has affected the way she deals with the emotional challenges of her reality and to cope, she turned time and again to alcohol. She lived a very privileged life as a child. Her father owned a real estate business and her mother looked after her and her 2 sisters in relative comfort - an estate with acres of land in the country. She was, for all intents and purposes, brought up in an upper class setting. She went to the best schools, had the best toys and things, enjoyed luxuriant vacations abroad and never wanted for anything. Even when Jane's father died when she was only a teen, she and her sisters were left with a sizable inheritance which should, in paper, support her for the rest of her life. Her mother however is a weak-willed personality and without her father, her mother depended only in the income their other property brings from rent and trade. While it was sizable she and her children continued to live an extravagant life without the benefit of regular income which soon saw her mother sell off their properties. Jane went to university and became attracted to the 'hippie' lifestyle of the 70's where she met her first husband, John C. Living off Jane's inheritance, they stopped their studies and lived a 'free life' in her mother's home by putting up wigwams in the land. She was 21 when she got married and this was contrary to her mother's wishes. 8 years later, she and John had 5 children, 4 girls and a boy the eldest of which was 7 and the youngest, a girl, was 2.

One unfortunate evening, John died in a car accident which left Jane's a widow at 29. Unable to cope, she turned to the bottle. She refused to leave their wigwam and for days, her children struggled to feed and clean themselves. Under the influence, she decided to 'end it all' to follow her husband. She packed all her kids in a car and attempted to kill them all in a group suicide. Fortunately, she was too drunk to go through it successfully and since it was winter, her car just rolled off into a ditch. She was soon ...

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The solution provides a sample case study of a subject suffering from Alcoholism. It is a comprehensive 1,835-word narrative that explores the Client History, Family History, and Specific addiction or compulsive behavior of a sample subject profiled from the experience of the author on a similar personality. The purpose of the case study is to create deliverable 'programs and plans' in treating the addiction and compulsion. References are listed for further studies. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing and download.

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