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Substance Abuse Case Study - Family Intervention

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Briefly describe the roles of each family member in the case study as well as the specific attributes and dynamics of the family system.

Describe a specific family-based intervention that you would use to address substance abuse and/or addiction in this family.

Explain why you selected this intervention and how you predict it might impact each of the family members in the case study.

Describe any legal or ethical considerations that may arise out of implementing an intervention with this family.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) which requires the analysis of a particular case (see attached) in relation to a family suffering from implications of alcoholism and child abuse history. An intervention is suggested, particulars of relationships are discussed and an applicable intervention that is family-based focused on addiction and/or substance abuse is presented, including likely impact if utilized. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,
Hi. I suggest making your answer concise and focused. I suggest this outline:

1. Summary of the case - 100 words
2. Family member roles and family dynamics/special attributes - 150 words
3. Family-based intervention - 100 words
4. Defend the use of the intervention - 100 words
5. Ethical considerations - 100 words

This should get you started. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones
About the Case

The case in question is that of Julie, a 28-year old mother of 2 (Alexis, 8 & Joshua, 6). She is an alcoholic according to the patterns and symptoms described and presented by her sister, Cathy. Julie is divorced (her ex has a new family in another state), and the youngest of 3 sisters. Her older sisters Mary and Cathy appear to have been far more successful in the career department than Julie, with Mary owning a successful accounting firm and Cathy, the middle sister, owning a successful daycare center. Julie appears to be dependent on her parents and sisters for emotional and financial support with Cathy providing the 'stability' of family necessary in the young lives of Julie's children. Their parents Jim and Rose own a bar where the family would go every weekend and Mary, Julie and their father would drink heavily on said occasions. But Cathy is worried that Julie is going the way of alcohol abuse as she is in the family's bar almost every night, turning up at Cathy's home - where her kids are usually left under the care of Cathy - inebriated. It is easy enough to imagine; therefore, that Julie is unable to function well on her day job - working at the dispatch office of a towing company. Cathy is worried that Julie might turn out like their dad who, by what Cathy hints at, is an alcoholic. Cathy is worried about her niece and nephew as while Alexis is studying hard to have a better life when she grows up, Joshua has problems and is disruptive in class. Cathy and their mom, Rose, wish to to do something but are afraid to do so in case it disrupts the family 'peace'. Cathy calls the substance abuse treatment agency for help about their situation.

Family Roles

This is an extended family case - Cathy and her sisters Julie and Mary are all adults. Cathy is worried about her sister - what alcoholism means for Julie, for Julie's children and for their ...

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