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    Sample Treatment Plan

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    Treatment Plan.

    This component will incorporate concepts and approaches along the continuum of care for addiction or compulsive behaviors, as well as the selected treatment modality which is in the attached case study document.
    Treatment plan will contain the following:
    Client identifying information and client consent to treatment.
    Client presenting problem.
    Client diagnoses.
    Assessments utilized to approach diagnosis.
    Previous treatment successes and failures.
    Client strengths, weaknesses, and social support systems.
    Long-term goal for treatment.
    Short-term goals and treatment objectives.
    Treatment timeline.
    Aftercare planning.
    Progress evaluation.

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    Client Particulars

    The following treatment Plan has been conceived so as to move the client to a better position in relation to her alcoholism. The target is to support, guide and monitor the client in completing this treatment plan wherein the target is for the client to be rid of said addiction through the course of the plan. The continuum of care for alcoholism which is a compulsive behavior will be an important element in the plan. Additionally, the plan will take consideration of the particulars of the client to fit the plan to the client's needs, situation and personality. The modality chosen for this particular treatment is under the cognitive-behavioural therapy umbrella as the client appears to have developed said problem due to personal mental and emotional trauma. Her actions show that her behavior is rooted to a particular thinking brought about by her own trauma as a child, young married woman and adult and this dictate her compulsion with 'the bottle' becoming the source and solution to her problems in her view.

    Client Information

    Name: Jane C.
    Particulars: Alcoholic, mother of 6 children
    Civil Status: Widow, currently-in-a-relationship
    Drive for ...

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