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    Treatment Plan Legalities, and Ethics

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    Can you please:

    1. Develop a detailed, DSM-based preliminary treatment plan for specific problem behaviors experienced by the client in the case of Shayla
    2. Identify the legal and ethical issues that might apply to the case and evaluate how those issues could affect the client (Shayla).

    Can you complete the following when completing the DSM-based treatment plan:

    -Develops a detailed, DSM-based, preliminary treatment plan that demonstrates superior knowledge for the attached case of Shayla.
    -Clearly and succinctly describes the treatment goals and the methods used to achieve the goals, providing a high level of details.
    -Analyzes treatment methods, and provides extensive support of the analysis with literature from the field.
    -Explains how treatment effectiveness will be determined, and provides examples of measurement tools for possible use.
    -Integrates the micro and macro perspective of how the family, community, societal, and cultural factors affect the individual into the plan, showing superior knowledge of the interrelationship.
    -Legalities and ethics


    1. Shayla is a four-year-old African American girl, a fraternal twin (one boy and one girl), whose parents are in the midst of a contentious divorce in its eighth month of litigation. Child custody is being contested. The mother announced her plans to marry a Latino American man after the divorce is final. The court assigned a family counselor to provide counseling for the children, because they are exhibiting aggressive behaviors toward other children at their daycare.

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    (1) Clarify and succinctly describe the treatment goals and the methods to achieve those goals providing a high level of details.

    Shayla's parents are in the midst of a contentious divorce, and child custody is being contested. She is a fraternal twin; however, both children are reported as exhibiting aggressive behavior toward the other children in their daycare. Therefore the primary treatment goal would be to get Shayla and her brother from being aggressive toward other children which is the target behavior, Based on the description provided for a behavioral analysis, the psychologists/practitioner emphasize principles of learning and behavioral symptoms such as behavior modification. For instance, psychologists are to provide services to individuals, groups, organization, or to the public that involves the application of principles, methods and procedures for understanding, predicting and influencing behavior. The purpose of planning goals and methods is for diagnosis, assessment, prevention and treatment.

    As a potential treatment goal, research has been presented to show that a functional behavioral assessment is being conducted for several reasons including: (a) behavioral concerns that excludes the individual from interacting with peers, (b) when practitioners consider placement for clients with externalizing behavioral problems, (c) when a student's behavioral difficulties persist besides the implementation of behavioral strategies, or (d) when the need exist to evaluate problem behavior (Sattler, 2002, pp. 228-229). As an example in their study, Matson, Bamburg, Cherry, & Paclawskyj (1999) conducted a study focused on student assessment regarding questions about behavioral functions (QABF).that has been described as the most effective tool for successful in individualizing behavioral intervention in persons with mental retardation. Although this study focused on behaviors associated with mental retardation, these procedures define the relationship between internal or external events and the specified target behavior

    (2) Analyze treatment method and provide extensive support of the analysis with literature from this field.

    Initially, Shayla could be given a functional behavioral assessment that is designed to identify the target ...

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