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    Study Guide for Jane Eyre

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    Study Guide dealing with Chapters 16--26 of Jane Eyre

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    Jane Eyre
    Study Questions chapters 16—26
    1. How does Mr. Rochester account for the fire in his room to Mrs. Fairfax and the servants?
    2. Discuss Jane's conversation with Grace Poole the morning after the fire. What perplexes Jane after this conversation?
    3. How does Jane receive the news of Mr. Rochester's departure from Thornfield?
    4. What penance does Jane perform following her conversation with Mrs. Fairfax and her reflections afterwards?
    5. Why does Leah end her conversation with the other servant about Grace Poole and her position at Thornfield?
    6. Discuss the first evening Jane spends in the drawing-room with Mr. Rochester and his guests. What discoveries does she make during this and subsequent occasions?
    7. How does Miss Ingram measure up to Jane's expectations?
    8. How do the ladies receive Adèle when she appears with Jane in the drawing-room?
    9. How does Jane feel about her love for Mr. Rochester? Explain why she feels this way.
    10. How is the conversation about governesses significant?
    11. How do Mr. Rochester's guests change Thornfield's atmosphere?
    12. How are the charades acted by Mr. Rochester and his guests significant? How do they foreshadow future events?
    13. Why does Jane suffer at the thought of Mr. Rochester's marriage to Blanche Ingram?
    14. What impression does Mr. Mason make on Jane when he arrives at Thornfield? How does her view contrast with other views expressed about him by the female guests?
    15. Discuss the arrival of the gipsy. What effect does "she" have on ...

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    This is the second of three solutions dealing with Bronte's famous classic. This list of questions deals with developments in chapters 16--26 of Jane Eyre.