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    Questions dealing with Jane Eyre after Thornfield

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    These questions discuss what happens to Jane Eyre after she leaves Thornfield and arrives at Morton.

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    1. What course does Mr. Rochester propose for himself and Jane after his mad wife is discovered? Why does he believe himself right? What argument does he use to make his suggestion legitimate?
    2. Discuss Mr. Rochester's account of his early life and marriage. What does the reader learn from this account?
    3. How does Jane respond to Mr. Rochester's proposal for their departure? Why?
    4. Why does Mr. Rochester hate Bertha? In spite of this hatred, what keeps him from taking decisive measures to rid himself of his mad wife?
    5. What makes Mr. Rochester dangerous during the scene with Jane after the aborted wedding? How does Jane survive this danger?
    6. Discuss Jane's decision to leave Thornfield and its fulfillment. Is this resolution easy to carry out? Explain.
    7. Where does the coach leave Jane after her flight from Thornfield Hall? What is significant about this place? What does it symbolize?
    8. What is Jane's condition at this point in the novel? Compare her circumstances with her condition previously and afterwards.
    9. What does Jane realize during the first night she spends in the open? How does this realization comfort her?
    10. What constitutes a lady to characters in this novel?
    11. Discuss Jane's wanderings. How does she attempt to obtain employment and food? How is she treated?
    12. Discuss Jane's first sight of Diana and Mary Rivers. What does she notice about them?
    13. How does Hannah respond to Jane's request for bread and lodging? What makes her respond in this way?
    14. How is Jane brought into the Rivers household?
    15. Why does Jane give a false last name when asked for personal information? How does she respond to further questioning at this time?
    16. How is Hannah reconciled to Jane?
    17. What do Jane and the reader learn about the Rivers family from Hannah's account?
    18. Consider Jane's treatment by the Rivers siblings. Contrast it with the Reed family's treatment.
    19. Though she finds friends in his sisters, what bars Jane from forming a similar relationship with St. John?
    20. What hints does Jane give about St. John's character as a man and as a Christian? How are these hints borne out by circumstances and events?
    21. Why is St. John apprehensive about the suitability of the employment he finds for Jane? Does this apprehension have any foundation?
    22. Consider St. John's speech after ...

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    This is the last of three solutions dealing with Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. These questions discuss what happens to Jane after she flees Thornfield Hall. This solution covers the last twelve chapters of the novel.