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    "At Will" Employment

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    Jane recently started working for Sundown Community Hospital in the claims/billing department. Her duties included preparing and submitting Medicare/Medicaid claims for payment. Shortly after being hired Jane discovered irregularities which were potentially illegal billings to Medicare. When she raised the issue to her supervisor James, she was terminated. Jane inquired as to the reason and was told that according to the staff handbook all employees are hired "At Will"; thus, no reason or notice was needed for termination.

    1. What is "AT WILL" employment?

    2. Are there any exceptions to "AT WILL" employment?

    3. As the director of HR for Sundown Community Hospital what concerns would you have over Jane's termination?

    Please reference any materials so I can conduct further research!

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    //Before evaluating a case or given scenario on the basis of some particular aspects, we need to understand it. So, firstly, we will discuss about the 'At Will Employment', along with its implications in Organizations.//

    At Will Employment is a law in the United States of America. Employees in the USA are alienated into two major classes, which are as follows:

    At will employees: An at-will employee in the US can be fired at any time and for any reason or for no reason at all.

    Just-cause employees: Just cause employees can be fired from their jobs only for a good reason. For instance, poor job execution by the employee in his workplace can be one of the reasons (Standler, 2000).

    "At will" employment law is also referred as the "Doctrine of Employment at Will" or the "Employment at Will Doctrine". The Doctrine was instituted under common law in the states, as all the states impose the "Employment at Will Doctrine" to some extent, under the common law. Under the Employment at Will Doctrine, the employees or employers may terminate employment without any advanced notice or cause. Under this legal doctrine, any hiring decision is assumed to be "at will", in ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 729 words with references.