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    At will employment and legal recourse

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    Looking for a few paragraphs to start a discussion on the following:

    Employment-at-will involves the right of either the employer or employee to unilaterally terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any legal reason. Does this policy offer equal protection to both parties? What legal/policy change or changes do you think need to be made, if any? Why/why not?

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    I have outlined the basics of the at will policy for employment. Nearly every state in the United States is considers at will employment as the norm. Only Montana is the exception.

    Employment at will
    While the principle of employment at will is either side can terminate employment only with cause. The reality is that most often it benefits the employer more than the employee. At will presumes that there is mutual respect between the employer and employee and that both sides favor at will employment relationships. However, the relationship is controlled by those in power and job security is limited.

    At will not only concerns termination of an employee at any time for any reason, it also means there are no adverse legal recourses or consequences for the employer. There are no legal consequences for an ...

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    A description of at will employment and the legal recourse for employees or employers, such as implied contract.