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ethical considerations and disabled candidates

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Please help me answer the following questions about a candidate that has a degenerative progressive condition which could result in a disability. He is considered to be the #1 pick for a job, but his physicians are not able to predict whether the disabling condition may appear in a few years, twenty years, or not at all.

what are three ethical considerations?
what are three legal considerations?
what are three business considerations?

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1. One ethical consideration surround the notion that a person can take on a position or apply for and obtain a job based on free will and rights theory. Under this assumption, the candidate has a right to seek and obtain a position because he is able to perform the duties of the position at this time.

2. The same person may struggle with whether disclosing his condition may interfere with his work in the future. He may believe that it is better to disclose this, rather than take a chance that he will be let go in the future, if the condition worsens.

3. A manager may struggle with making a hiring decision, ...

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Ethical considerations for disabled candidates are posed.

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