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    Preferential Treatment of Veterans

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    Should disabled veterans get preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans?

    Make sure to contrast DVAAP to programs that involve affirmative action for women or minorities.

    Be sure to set out the utilitarian and deontological considerations.

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    Discrimination among the workers in a workplace is a very common. This report aims at understanding the laws of affirmative action in brief. Also a detailed discussion has been included to correctly understand the question of whether a disabled veteran should be given preferential treatment over the better qualified candidates. The first section will deal with the affirmative action. Following which the different views to the above question has been discussed. Based on the various views, a personal view has been provided as a conclusion to the report.

    Affirmative Action:

    Affirmative action is an American approach that has been developed to deal with problems. In 1965, the orders of President Lyndon Johnson passed an executive order which required federal contractors to take affirmative action to ensure they were not discriminating among employees. Since then the US government has taken a number of steps to increase the inclusion and representation of women and other minorities in areas of employment, business, education etc. This has been developed in two paths, one being the legal path and the other path includes public debates. The contractors have been set down with time tables and goals to ensure that there were no racial or gender preferences in the selection processes (Fullinwider, 2005). However it has been seen that not a single white advocate of affirmative action has ever offered their job to any minority class qualified person. Even if the minority class person and qualification would prove to be very beneficial for the and highly credential. Although there is no clear preference or help that is provided. In an attempt by George Sher to try and justify reverse discrimination is a clear proof: "The crucial fact about [white males who suffer reverse discrimination] is ... that unless reverse discrimination is practiced, they will benefit more than the others from its effects on their competitors. They will benefit more because unless they are restrained, they, but not the others, will use their competitive edge to claim jobs which their competitors would otherwise have gotten. Thus, it is only because they stand to gain the most from the role of the effects of the original discrimination, that the bypassed individuals stand to lose the most from ...

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    The solution provides a clear answer to whether the Veterans should be given preferential treatment over disabled people or not with regard to utilitarian and deontological ethics. The solution also provides a discussion of Disabled Veterans vs. Qualified Veterans. The answer is completely cited and a bibliography with 5 references has also been included. 1511 words.