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Disabled American Veterans

Socialize some of the major complaints and issues facing veterans. Are there cases of discrimination and corruption towards the services they are entitled to receive. Do the veterans receive quality service? Why do so many veterans feel they go through obstacles when it comie to there benefits and services. Socialize the concept of ethical behavior or nonethical behavior facing our Veterans.

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One of the major complaints and issues facing veterans, is the fact that the administrative process by which disability claims are processed for veterans is extremely inefficient and slow. This is a major issue, due to the fact that many of these veterans are in a crisis situation psychologically and or physically, and the slow and inefficient method of processing disability claims has led to the exacerbation of the injuries and or psychological condition which has led to death in some cases. Another major complaint or issue facing veterans, is the fact that there is not adequate staff and veterans medical facilities to be able to address their multifaceted issues in an expeditious ...