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    Travel Itinerary Program: Plans & Strategies

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    Please assist with ideas for creating a travel itinerary.
    The company name is New Direction for disabled adults.

    Requires -
    Table of contents. information Contained in the plan. Target market, survey of competition, and basic goals of the plan. Need to analyze the people they are trying to reach in your sales promotions. Types of promotion in which to intend to engage to build up the business. Conclusion, to include why this plan will succeed.

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    Travel Special Program: Disabled Adults - Military Veterans

    The client is New Direction, a company that specializes in creating programs for Disabled Adults. Some of their clients are disabled from birth while some due to varied accidents and medical issues. Of recent, the company has begun to create programs for soldiers who were disabled in the course of service. This travel itinerary is a program created for a group of disabled veterans.

    Target Market:
    New Direction would like to sell this program to the US Army and related agencies as part of the rehabilitation of the recently disabled Veterans from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The program also includes family immersions wherein members of the family and close circle of the veterans get to take part for the purpose of emotional healing and support.

    Survey of Competition:
    There are currently several service providers creating and providing 'special packages' for the purpose of serving disabled adults and veterans. The U.S. military has already put together several financial aids towards companies providing such opportunities. The veterans themselves are given special travel privileges as arranged by the government and charitable private providers. The following companies provide the main competition in this area:
    REI Travel Center - Based in Aurora Colorado, REI is part of the 'Prestige' travel group. REI was founded by a disabled veteran and they are established within the state and the military network. They have an online presence, advertise in local and military listings and are associated with varied other travel providers for the creation of packages.
    Dynamic Leisure Corporation - a travel operator based in Tampa, Florida, they have signed an agreement with the organization Veterans Helping Veterans based in Ohio to provide exclusive travel programs for the latter. The ...

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    The solution is a tourism-travel (itinerary) program designed to suit the needs of Disabled Veterans. The itinerary is designed for the travel company New Directions as a full program (see long description) containing client information, marketing strategies, competition survey, etc. The solution follows the APA format, references are provided.