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    Travel Sample Itinerary: International (Thailand)

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    Hello. I need assistance in putting together an international travel itinerary:
    Vacation in a geographic area included for a family of three. This may be a cruise, land tour package or independent itinerary. The experiences preferences to determine -with your "clients." Please include geographical aspects would be an ideal vacation destination for your clients. Try also to estimate costs of travel, including transportation and accommodations, as well as sightseeing possibilities.

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    Travel Itinerary: International Travel

    Client Details: The client, a family of three wishes to visit an exotic location in Asia with the following elements - great cultural interaction, experience of history & tradition, fantastic locations, access to technology and modern services, tropical weather and great beaches plus the possibility of doing charity work. The parents are public servants raising a pro-active teen. The trip is their child's gift for gaining acceptance into a prestigious university to study 'Political Science'. The family wishes to travel for 2 weeks and wishes to enjoy certain levels of accommodation at a particular budget.

    Travel Package: Thailand Discovery - Culture, Beaches and Hilltribes

    This package is designed to introduce the family, who has never travelled to this country before to Thai culture and tradition via a plethora of delightful experience that will take them from the energetic hub of Bangkok to the white-sand beaches of Phi Phi, the WW2 landmarks in Kanchanaburi to the myriad mountains of the North where they will touch the lives and be touched by the lives of the hilltribes. Accommodation and full board is provided in this package.

    Total Package Cost: $7,500 plus tax inclusive of airfares and all transportation and guide fees.

    Day 1 - Arrival in Bangkok via Seoul. Family is picked up from Suvarnabhumi international airport and taken straight to their Hotel, the Navalai River Resort, and a lush boutique hotel in the heart of the old Rattanakosin district right by the Chao Phraya River. The hotel is 10 minutes away from the historic temples and the Grand Palace. Since the family's flight arrives late in the afternoon. Dinner by the riverside restaurant of the hotel is arranged for a restful arrival and an early night.

    Day 2 and 3 - The family gets picked up by their personal guide from Navalai after an early buffet breakfast. They are first taken to a guided tour ...

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    The solution presents a sample detailed 2-week international travel itinerary. The chosen destination is Thailand combining historical and traditional sightseeing packages (the floating market Bangkok, a host of impressive temples, visit with the hilltribes and WW2 locations) with recreational activities (spa, shopping, golf, cooking classes,beach resort get-aways). The locations span the capital and North/central Thailand combining air travel with rail and car for the journeys. The package includes hotel and accommodation as well as half-board. The package is for a small family. A word version is attached for easy printing. Pictures are included. References are also provided.