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    Bangkok: Venice of the Far-East

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    Help with recommending a certain geographic area for a travel party. This may be a cruise, land tour or independent travel. The clients could be a couple, family or group. Could you bring geographical aspects into this sample report, and advise why you feel this area would be an ideal vacation destination for the clients? Try also to estimate costs of travel, including transportation and accommodation, as well as sightseeing possibilities.

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    Dear Student,
    It appears that you are asking for a travel destination feature to showcase geographic characteristics of an area for the purpose of a cultural and touristic experience. I am torn between creating a sample description between a North American/European or a far more exotic location like in South East Asia. I have decided to create this sample solution on the latter as it presents a lesser known geographic location which would be a far more interesting journey to make. Please use this solution as a sample from which to base your own final version.

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    Bangkok: The Venice of the Far East

    The name of the city itself - Bangkok- conjures images that are exotic, exciting and far off. The city, the metropolis capital of the Kingdom of Thailand is big with a population of at least 10 million. It sits on the banks of the mighty Chao Phraya River and opens out into a Bay towards the Gulf of Siam, making the city a natural harbour. Thailand, a Buddhist nation in South East Asia shares the Indochinese Peninsula with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. The climate is tropical for the most part of the country while the farthest North of Thailand experience some very temperate winters due to its proximity to the mountainous region of Southern Yunnan, China. To its Northwest it is bordered by the enigmatic state of Burma. In the border region between Thailand, Burma, China and Laos, the Hilltribes can be found from the friendly farming Karen Tribes to the Miao, the Lahu and the exotic Karen Paduangs - whose women wear rings upon rings of metals like brass and bronze on their necks to elongate it - a symbol of beauty in their tribe. There is just so much to see and do in Thailand - with its absolutely stunning powder-fine beaches in the South and the myriad Mountains and lush forests in the central regions and the North. The cuisine, the people and the cultural and historical experience one can view through the varied ruins, castles, caves and ongoing archaeological digs in the country is phenomenal - one will be spoilt for choice. There has got to be a starting place however and every new visitor to the Kingdom always begins in Bangkok.

    Travellers usually arrive in Suvarnabhumi ...

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    The Solution is a destination (travel) feature that showcases the geographic characteristics of an area for the purpose of a cultural and touristic experience. Featured in this article/solution is the exotic city of Bangkok, Thailand in South East Asia, one of the world's most picturesque and attractive 'exotic' destinations. The author is a frequent traveller to the city ensuring that the recommendations provided herein are authentic, verifiable insider knowledge. Written in the APA format, references are provided. Word version attached for easy printing.