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    Factors Behind New World Exploration

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    How do you explain the discovery of the new world by Europeans? Was it an accident, good luck, or the result of a more complex set of circumstances?

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    The discovery of the so-called New World by the Europeans was a combination of accident, luck, and some "behind the scenes" influences. Certainly when Christopher Columbus set out westward to find an easier route to the far eastern riches, he had no idea what he would stumble upon. When you think about it, even the astronauts who flew to the moon had a pretty good idea of what to expect; Columbus was sailing into the unknown. So some explanation of the discovery could be counted as just pure accident. Also setting sail overseas on a 15th century ship required a good amount of luck in reaching any destination.
    <br><br><br>More importantly though, there were several significant developments which lead to the discovery of the New World. They were as follows:
    <br><br>1. Revival of Learning (Renaissance)
    <br><br>-- During the Renaissance there was a quest made by Europeans to re-discover the Ancient classics which had been lost during ...

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