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    Doctrine of Employment at Will

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    There has been a plethora of federal law dealing with employment. These laws are intended to provide protection for the employees and guidance for companies. How would you define each of the below listed employment statutes: Why are the below laws important to employees? when do these laws apply? What real world examples can you share with the class, either from work, personal experiences or from the news, etc.

    Employment is something that all of us are exposed to at one time or another. What is the doctrine of employment at will?? Why or why not is important for companies or employees to ?? What are the exceptions to the doctrine?

    What real world example can you provide of the doctrine? Does this doctrine apply to many of the CEOs of corporations presently failing or in trouble? why or why not?

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    Doctrine of Employment at Will

    In the late 1800's, the Doctrine of Employment at Will was formulated in United States. Specifically this doctrine was formulated in the year 1894 concerning the case of Payne v. Western & Atlantic RR, 81 Tenn.507. Related to this case, the Court alleged that employers are not required to give reason for terminating the employees. They can go for firing the employees as per their will, the reason behind the dismissal hardly matters and therefore, no concern is required to judge whether the decision taken is morally correct or not. This happened because of the Industrial Revolution that contributed towards increasing competition between the businesses.

    It is significant for the company as it provides the businesses an additional means to remain competitive and the employers get the opportunity to run the business as they find suitable. Hence, it has been very reasonable for the companies at certain point of time and also till today. Not only this, but also in order to combat with the downturns in the business environment, employer can, at any moment, hire or ...

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