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    Please write about one of your current or former leaders. Please analyze, using background materials, leadership styles and her/his way of fulfilling functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are:

    Did he/she empower their employees?
    Was he/she authoritarian?
    Was the leader transformational or transactional, or both?
    How does the leader fulfill her/his functions?
    What is the vision the leader created for the company or organization you selected?
    How did he/she motivate the workforce?
    How did he/she communicate the vision?
    Was the leader a change agent?

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    For the student,
    Thank you for coming by Brainmass.Com for your homework assistance. I can provide you with assistance on this homework by guiding you step-by-step on addressing these questions. Since you didn't specify what background materials you needed to apply, I will have to skip that step. Here at Brainmass.Com, we need all types details from you in order to fully cover ALL areas of the issues requested from your posting.

    From the OTA's own work experience, the OTA is answering ALL questions from the student's posted assignment above as reference for the student to base his/her answers. The OTA has to refrain from providing all real names as real names must be kept private for privacy concerns. Since this assignment has to do with the job environment, the OTA is providing honest answers from her personal experience. The OTA has chosen one of her current leaders/employer of the day job company she works with, a private music school setting.

    If I was writing this assignment, I would think of a volunteer work you may be involved in if you aren't already working. If you think it in terms of a volunteer ...

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