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How to Not Write a Literary Analysis.

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Here is an example from a student who has written a poorly constructed literary analysis. Look closely at the professor's comments in the margin and you will see what the student needs to do to turn this example from a "D" essay to an "A" essay. The responses/comments are intended to show you how your professor will respond to this particular essay's problems.

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This example shows students a literary analysis with some serious problems. It is intended to reveal how your professor will react to this kind of essay. It is a freshman essay, which bears many of the common mistakes novice writers make when doing analysis. The solution shows you by example what NOT to do in a literary analysis.

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Please see the attached document for "How to not write a literary analysis".

John Doe
Professor Fussyman
ENGL 1202
21 September 2011
Fiction Analysis Essay
The setting of the story takes place at a train station in Zaragoza, Spain between two American travelers, a man and a woman . This took place in the summer time. The woman analyzes her surroundings by thinking about her life while describing how distant the hills are. The short story leaves us with many unanswered questions: What happened after they got on the train. Were they married, engaged, or partners? Why did the man respond to the woman the way he did? The story, in my opinion, tells us about how life's problems and dreams can become so distant when having to face them one day. This story, "Hills Like White Elephants" is about dealing with the future, no communication, being selfish, pleasure, and having no responsibility .
Looking at the male prospective, having a child with his girlfriend would be both complicated and forces him to perhaps grow up. This causes the man to take responsibility for what happen . Every action we do does have a responsibility. Maybe the man was shocked and didn't know how to respond to what the woman was trying to tell him. Does he wish to continue to be free, ...

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