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    Reaction to Sloan's "My Years With General Motors"

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    I am required to write a 4 page reaction essay on Alfred Sloan's My Life With General Motors from an operations management perspective. I have two good references already (see below). I would like to have a few more references that I can look up to learn more about the topics. I have attached information on the topics I am requried to write about many of which come from the 2 references. Please help me turn this into a reaction essay.

    Drucker, P. (1990). The Best Book on Management Ever. Fortune Magazine. Retrieved from http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/1990/04/23/73427/

    Wartzman, R. (2009). GM: Lessons from the Alfred Sloan Era. Businessweek. Retrieved from http://www.businessweek.com/managing/content/jun2009/ca20090612_387205.htm

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    Hope you are well.

    In writing a reaction essay, the format of your reaction is frame with a concise flow of detailing an emotional perspective to the contents within the literary read. Further, the reaction essay is an objective perspective for illustrating a vantage point of review based on the literary content, in which, the finally analysis is more than a recap of the literature. Some key points in writing a sufficient reaction essay relates to the following sections:

    -The Reaction Summary Section

    A short summary is on the literary material that leads into the next critique section for a clear review to the literature being reviewed. Thus, the reaction summary offers one to two paragraphs that focuses on the primary objective of the literary material being discussed, i.e. Alfred Sloan's My Life With General Motors. The summary is an opportunity to showcase your overall understanding to the tone, author's perspective, and the main thesis to relaying information to the reader. For example, the summary section does not provide repetitive sentences, rather, the cited quotes from the literature:

    "In summary, the GM: Lessons from the Alfred Sloan Era (Wartzman, 2009), focuses on defining a world class managerial style that promotes efficiency within the corporation mainframe. The foreshadow effort in referring to Mr. P. Drucker's book on "Concept of the Corporation" provides comparative notion to how prior successful CEOs led the way to an exceptional model of management protocol, i.e. Sloan's Autobiography, My Years with General Motors." In which, my initial reaction is very inspired to learning key managerial skills sets and strategies that make a difference into leadership."

    Try and think of the example above, as a way to balance out what to expect in the literary content and a direct reaction response to the material. In doing so, the readers can quickly account for your vantage point of the literary material for a defined ...

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    My reactions to sloan's "My Years With General Motors" are examined.