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    Multiple Choice Questions for Business

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    A CEO does not want to enter a lucrative market in an unstable country because he or she does not know how political forces and economic forces will affect his or her company's future business. This is an example of __________.

    A) a competitive interdependency
    B) bounded rationality
    C) a symbiotic interdependency
    D) opportunism

    Under the leadership of Alfred Sloan, General Motors:

    A) centralized support functions at the top of the organization.
    B) grouped businesses into self-contained divisions.
    C) centralized decision-making authority.
    D) eliminated the corporate level in the organization.

    Which of the following would Peter Senge consider to be the most important level of organizational learning?

    A) Organizational
    B) Group or team
    C) Individual
    D) Inter-organizational

    When two countries are very culturally close:

    A) communications between them need not be translated.
    B) there is little chance of cultural friction.
    C) foreigners and domestic citizens are treated differently.
    D) a company may overlook important subtleties.

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