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Research Questions for Conducting Surveys

Please help constructing a telephone, or in-person interview survey in home healthcare!
The survey should have 10-15 questions accompanied by a brief background of the problem, trying to measure survey with 8-10 questions, 2-3 demographic questions, 1 open ended question, and 5-6 (multiple choice, multiple response or Likert scale) questions).
Use at least 3 different question formats. True/false, yes/no, and multiple choice are all forms of multiple choice; include one open-ended question at the end but start with a general question and move toward more specific questions.

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In the aim towards creating sufficient survey questions by structuring the format on consistency to the overall main objective for conducting research - the focus on home healthcare services for targeted consumers. Thus, the following will represent examples to utilizing a model for completing the assignment of survey questions to elaborate and/or recreating new research questions accordingly:

Sample A: Demographic questions specifications

1. In the last year have your income levels exceeded $25,000 (try and use the responses to determining the income levels for affordability to home healthcare, depending, on the price matrix initial planning setting point can determine either increasing or decreasing for affordability).

2. Which ethnic group does you fall within from White American, African American to ...

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Review of creating telephone/in-person survey questions to assist in conducting research for home healthcare. Almost 500 words with references.