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    "Under Western Eyes" by Chandra Mohanty is briefly explicated.

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    These points are assessed:

    1. What are the main points and arguments of the paper that Mohanty is arguing?
    2. What other arguments is this article responding to?
    3. What is Mohanty's mode of analysis, what methodology does she use to make her argument?
    4. How does Mohanty's article achieve effectiveness for the point she is trying to prove?

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    1. What are the main points and arguments of the paper that Mohanty is arguing?

    In essence, Mohanty seems to vehemently argue against many of the pervasive tendencies by Western Feminism, such as the rigid universality in generalizing or categorizing third world women's experiences instead of acknowledging the diversity that truly exists within these women's lived experiences. She explains her objective, "What I wish to analyze is specifically the production of the "Third World Woman" as a singular monolithic subject in some recent (Western) feminist texts."

    In particular, she exposes the damaging claims that do not empower non-western women by Western feminists as they instead contribute to even more colonization and marginalization of non-western females, further casting these women in the role of the Other. The author clearly objects to aligning all these women collectively as "poor, uneducated, tradition-bound, and victimized." By using such collective grouping, the true diversity and complexity of non-Western women cannot be fathomed, she insists. She shows it this generalization is stigmatizing since "These limitations are evident in the construction of the (implicitly consensual) priority of issues around which apparently all women are expected to organize."

    She further rejects the use of ethnocentric notions and the overgeneralized depiction of all non-western women as victims. She wants to abolish the common Western feminist tendencies to place such narrow views by saying, "Clearly Western feminist discourse and political practice is neither singular nor homogeneous in its goals, interests or analyses."

    2. What other arguments is this article ...

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