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Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I Scene I

I need help in gathering information on Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1, that does the following:

Contains an introduction
Analyzes the plot (or what part of the plot you think it is, rather), characters, setting, and note anything interesting about the dialogue.
Uses at least five quotes from the play to support claims you make about the above analyses
Describes your reaction to the selection
Contains a conclusion

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As you analyze this section of the play, you need to articulate a clever introduction to lure readers. Something about a ghost might work well since the presence of Hamlet's dead father in phantom form definitely ignites the plot of the play into action.

In this introduction, you also need to state your thesis or the game plan for your paper. A model one might be: Using the gothic appearance of a ghost, Shakespeare advances the plot, mood theme characters of Hamlet and further adds suspense in this revenge play.

You then need a transition into your first point such as this model: First, Shakespeare uses the ghost to advance the characters and plot. As the watchmen guard, they concur that King Hamlet's apparition is haunting, thus this function ...

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Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I Scene I, is briefly explicated.