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    Helpful Devices in Literature Comprehension

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    Are you one of the many students who feel completely lost when reading through classic literature? Are you even more baffled when asked to comprehend, and then interpret, it?

    One key is understanding literary devices: how they work, why they are used, and what they are intended to accomplish. Allow the following to guide not only your understanding of a few major devices, but your ability to comprehend how a piece of literature is functioning. Soon, with just a few simple tools and a basic understanding of some of the major devices and their functions, your comprehension of literature pieces will leave you feeling relaxed and able to help others reach the same educational security.

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    Often, students are asked to read various pieces of literature with much of the inner workings of literature simply being assumed. We all know what happens when assumptions are made! But there is help for you in your comprehension of literature, and the key is understanding how language is often used. The specific ways language is used in literature are most commonly called "devices." What are devices? Well, since they are not the language itself, it would make sense to consider that devices are often used ...

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    A fundamental part of understanding literature is by relying on knowledge of its inner workings, often communicated through literary devices. Here are a few major ones, and further resources to empower comprehension of seemingly (but not actually) difficult texts.