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Research about Fourth Grade Reading

This solution discusses reading comprehension research. It offers a comparison/contrast brainstorm session and sample models.

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As you write your own responses, please allow my sample ideas to guide you. I've used these two sample sources about your topic:

Rasinski, T. (2000). Speed does matter in reading. The Reading Teacher, 54, 146-151.

Oczkus, L.D. (2003). The four reciprocal teaching strategies. In Reciprocal teaching at work: Strategies for improving reading comprehension. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

As you evaluate two educational research journal articles about 4th grade reading comprehension, please allow these mini ideas to guide you:

1. Write about the focuses/topics of the articles: Both articles focus on how to improve reading comprehension and fluency. They both include specific strategies ...

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This posting includes educational research about fourth grade reading comprehension. It also encompasses ideas for elementary reading research.