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    Experience with teaching a learner with special needs--LD RD

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    As a teacher, can someone tell me an experience they have had with a diverse learner? (Diverse Learner: someone that is gifted, talented, or learning disabled.)

    Please explain this person's exceptionality, experience in education, and interaction with peers. Please list age and grade level of student.

    Please use as much detail as possible. Thanks.

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    One of my most significant and poignant instances pertaining to working with a diverse student happened this past semester. I'll call this student "John." For some background information, I'll describe John by his demographics and test results:
    * White Male
    * 15-years old
    * Learning-Disabled in Reading, likely because of dyslexia.
    * Academically-gifted in Mathematics
    * Reads on a 1st grade level in the 9th grade.
    * Has never passed an End-of-Course exam in reading; in fact, has only made a low-level 1.
    * Has parents who are actively engaged in his education and who advocate for him strongly.
    * Is Enrolled in Study-Skills and has a stringent IEP to help him in his studies.
    * Athlete who has motivation to do well and who is a pleasant, kind, courteous student.

    This student has been relatively successful in his educational endeavors. He's passed all his grades, and generally has made A's and B's throughout primary and middle school, despite his obvious reading deficiency. He and his parents ask for extra credit, which is where our first problem began. I do not use extra credit worksheets because I have to make sure my students are proficient on the ...

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    Experience with teaching a learner with special needs--LD Reading. A bio.