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Encouraging Parental Involvement in Student Reading

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Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question?:

In what ways can you enlist parent involvement with his/her child's reading?
Please provides some examples and a reference for further research.

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This solution includes a discussion of ways to encourage parental involvement in children's reading. It includes a list of strategies to connect classroom language learning with at-home practice. Additionally, this solution includes one reference source for further investigation of the topic.

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Engaging parents in a student's development as a reader can be achieved in a variety of ways. At the school level, organizing book drives or community literature circles can support parental involvement. In individual classrooms teachers can ask students to bring in a book his or her parent/caregiver is currently reading, or has read in the past. An interesting assessment would be to ask the student to interview the parent about the book, determining thoughtful, higher level thinking questions ahead of time in class. The biggest challenge ...

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