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    Trances in book plot

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    During the trances when "the spirits claimed" Akiko, what are some of her specific behaviors that reflect how trauma in storytelling may or may not discredit the experience the character is going through? Did the event of the trance memorialize or normalize the trauma? How does the understanding of these scenes in the novel change when you consider the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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    For me, the trances when "the spirits claimed" Akiko seem to definitely align with what survivors of trauma typically display, so I felt like these instances of "outer body" experiences were survival mechanism for her to endure the pains and also reflected symptoms of PTSD, giving the literary trauma portrayals and storytelling in these sections more merits and creditable for me. As a result, I received an impression that the event of ...

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    The text, Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller, is informally discussed in 300 words to explicate the larger theme of literary trauma. There is some emphasis upon how the use of Akiko's trance operates in this novel as well as how implications of PTSD also permeate this text.