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    General Biology Questions

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    ___ rust and smut fungi
    ___ Agaricus brunnescens
    ___ Armillaria ostoyae
    ___ Amanita muscaria
    ___ Amanita phalloides
    ___ truffles and morels
    ___ yeasts
    ___ Candida albicans
    ___ Penicillium
    ___ Aspergillis
    ___ Neurospora crassa

    A. "Flavor" Camembert and Roquefort cheeses; produce antibiotics.
    B. An important organism in genetic research.
    C. Fermenting by-products put to use by bakers and vintners.
    D. A relative of food yeasts, causes vexing infections in humans.
    E. Highly prized edibles.
    F. Makes citric acid for candies and soft drinks; ferments soybeans for soy sauce.
    G. Induces hallucinations and trances when eaten; ritualistic use.
    H. Honey mushroom, perhaps the oldest and largest organism.
    I. Destroys entire fields of wheat, corn, and other major crops.
    J. Common cultivated mushroom; multimillion-dollar business.
    K. Death cap mushroom; kills humans by liver and kidney degeneration within a few days.

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