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    Animal Biology

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    1. How long can Hagfish go without eating?
    A. 1 month
    B. 3 months
    C. 5 months
    D. 7 months

    2. How is Hagfish sex influenced by the seasons?
    A. They have sex in the spring only
    B. They change sexes with the seasons
    C. Seasons have no effect
    D. None of the above

    3. Do Hagfish skeletons contain bone?
    A. Yes
    B. No

    4. What does "Agnatha" mean?
    A. No gills
    B. Without AIDS
    C. Jawless
    D. No fins

    5. How many species of Lampreys are there?
    A. 10
    B. 50
    C. 100
    D. 75

    6. What does "Andomous" mean?
    A. Hatch in freshwater and migrate to the oceans, then return to freshwater to spawn
    B. Romantic
    C. Promiscuous
    D. Sterile

    7. When were Sea Lampreys first introduced into the Great lakes?
    A. 1835
    B. 1875
    C. 1902
    D. 1968

    8. What is the scientific name of the White Shark?
    A. Carcharodon carcharias
    B. Plethedon glutinosus
    C. Rana catesbieana
    D. Chrysema scripta

    9. Do White Sharks lay eggs?
    A. Yes
    B. No

    10. How many White Shark attacks occur worldwide each year?
    A. 2-3
    B. 10-20
    C. 30-50
    D. 100+

    11. How many species of turtles are there today?
    A. 50+
    B. 100+
    C. 200+
    D. 500+

    12. What is the largest animal that has ever lived?
    A. Blue Whale
    B. Great White Shark
    C. Jaws
    D. Moby Dick

    13. What are the common names for the two general groups of whales?
    A. White and Blue
    B. Gray and Killer
    C. Toothed, Baleen
    D. Male and Female

    Part 2.
    Go to the following site.

    Study each section: Kinds of Amphibians, Physical Characteristics, Life Cycle, Behavior, The Evolutionary Record, and Anatomy of the Frog.
    Answer the following Questions.

    14. How many toes are usually on the hind foot of a frog?
    A. 6
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

    15. How long ago did amphibians first occupy land?
    A. 100 million
    B. 200 million
    C. 350 million
    D. 500 million

    16. How much does the West African goliath Frog weigh?
    A. as much as a poodle
    B. as much as a young calf
    C. as much as a full grown housecat
    D. 49.23 pounds

    17. What happens if the skin of amphibian dries up?
    A. they will hibernate
    B. they will die
    C. they will seek water
    D. they can't dry up

    18. What term means that an animal becomes inactive until conditions are favorable again?
    A. ibernation
    B. aestivation
    C. lubrication
    D. incarceration

    19. What is the most serious threat to amphibians?
    A. dogs
    B. humans
    C. cats
    D. bears

    20. From what group of animals did amphibians develop?
    A. reptiles
    B. primitive fish
    C. birds
    D. mammals

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