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    Biology: Homeostatic Control

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    1. What is the human internal pond?
    2. Define homeostasis.
    3. Define physiology.
    4. Explain from a holistic viewpoint how all homeostatic control is carried out within animals.
    5. Explain the concept of negative feedback when it is applied to homeostatic control.
    6. Provide a detailed example of the homeostatic process of negative feedback when a person steps outside on a day in an effective temperature is 42 degrees Celsius.

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    1.What is the human internal pond?

    This is most likely the circulatory system because it is the system that delivers metabolites, oxygen, cell signaling molecules, water, and other nutrients to the cells. This is the "pond" or the aqueous environment that supplies all the organs and cells.

    2.Define homeostasis.

    It is the maintenance of a stable internal environment.

    3.Define physiology.

    It is the science/study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms, ...

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