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Changes That Will Occur In the Body's Neural and Endocrine Systems:

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What changes would happen in my body (neural and endocrine systems) and do these systems effect other body systems? Once the fright has passed, how do the different physiological systems of the body interact to return homeostasis to the body and what are the major control mechanisms?

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The human body is a very complex machine due to the multiple interactions in the body systems. This is the term that is used to refer to how the body aims to remain stable so that the functions of the body can be maintained to its constant body internal environment. The process of monitoring and altering the body conditions is known as homeostatic regulation which involves receptors, the control center and the effector. It is important that the changes outside the body do not interfere with the general operations of the body. This will give each body mechanism the capability to function properly protecting the body from alien changes (Growth, Genetics, 2011).

Changes That Will Occur In the Body's Neural and Endocrine Systems:

To attain the stable conditions in the body certain body organs need to undertake the functions that will make the body to regain its original condition. It is important to note the all the body systems work together to attain the act of maintaining the balance in the body. Each body mechanism has its own specific function. Two of the most significant systems of the body that are utilized to maintain the homeostatic levels of the body are the; nervous and the endocrine systems. The endocrine and ...

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