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    Interactions between the various endocrine glands

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    What are the interactions between the various endocrine glands as much basic detail as possible for the interactions?

    Thank you for this assistance and please provide as much detail as possible.

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    Let's take a close look. I also provided some extra information about the various endocrine glands/organs.


    1. What are the interactions between the various endocrine glands - as much basic detail as possible for the interactions please?

    According to the Columbia Encyclopedia (2008) the endocrine system is the "body control system composed of a group of glands that maintain a stable internal environment by producing chemical regulatory substances called hormones . The endocrine system includes the pituitary gland , thyroid gland , parathyroid glands , adrenal gland , pancreas , ovaries , and testes. The thymus gland , pineal gland , and kidney (see urinary system ) are also sometimes considered endocrine organs." (http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/endocrine_system.aspx )906

    Uniquely, endocrine glands produce hormones that do NOT pass through tubes or ducts; instead the hormones interact and are secreted directly into the internal environment and transmitted via the bloodstream or by diffusion. They act uniquely at distant points in the body. Conversely, "other glands such as sweat glands, salivary glands, and glands of the gastrointestinal system secrete the substances they produce through ducts, and those substances are used in the vicinity of the gland." (http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/endocrine_system.aspx) The endocrine system "secretes hormones into blood and other body fluids. The interaction of these chemicals is important for metabolism, growth, water and mineral balance, and the response to stress." (http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/organ.html)

    There is an interaction between the endocrine glands mentioned above. In fact, the endocrine glands interact differentially in the regulation of body functions through specific receptor cells in target organs, which "respond in specialized ways to the minute quantities of the hormonal messengers." For example, "some endocrine hormones, such as thyroxine from the thyroid gland, affect nearly all body cells; while others, such as progesterone from the female ovary, which regulates the uterine lining, affect only a single organ. As well, the amounts ...

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    Discusses the interactions between the various endocrine glands. References and extra information about the various endocrine glands/organs are also provided.