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Companies that sell sport supplements make billions of dollars each year claiming by consuming their products the person can lose or gain weight. Assume the body weight is genetically determined and that any gain or loss in weight will cause the body to activate homeostatic mechanisms to cause the body to return to the original weight. What would you tell the companies that sell these products? Why would knowing about the science of weight gain/loss help you make informed decisions about sport supplements?

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Well, think about it. If it is true that body mass is genetically determined and that there is NO environmental effect at all, then, supposedly, NOTHING we do in life can affect our body mass. Of course, such a proposition is patently ridiculous. Nonetheless, let's answer the question. If body mass is genetically determined and if any changes to body mass will kick in various homeostatic mechanisms to return the body to the original mass, taking sport ...

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This job assesses homeostatic changes to various biochemical parameters.

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