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    Force of friction and pulling apart two books.

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    Two identical books each with k pages are placed on the table in a way that the each page of book A is between the pages of book b. The high half of book B is on top of book A.

    Given that 1) the coefficient of static friction on the surface of card A is mu; 2) Each page of the book has a mass of m; 3) Book A does not move from the table. What is the minimum amount of horizontal force applied to book B in order to pull it out of book A?

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    book B book A
    -------------- 1st page, M1=m=(2*1-1)*m
    --------------- 2nd page, M2=3m=(2*2-1)*m

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    This solution includes an explanation and calculations. To pull book B from book A, we have to overcome the static force which is equal to fn*mu. 120 words.