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    Newton's Laws of Motion - Friction

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    1. A father pulls his young daughter on a sled with constant velocity on a level surface through a distance of 25 m. The total mass of the sled and the girl is 45 kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled runners and the snow is .35

    The force exerted by the man is applied at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the horizontal.

    a) Draw a free-body diagram of the system showing all forces in the vertical and horizontal direction.

    b) Write equations of motion for the vertical and horizontal directions

    c) Solve the equations for the normal reaction force on the system and the force exerted by the man on the system.

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    mg = weight of sled & the girl = 45 x 9.81 = 441 N

    N = Normal reaction of the ground on the sled

    f = friction force of the ground on the sled acting in a direction opposite to the direction of motion

    F = Pulling force acting at 30O to the ...

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    Step-by-step solution is provided showing all forces in the vertical and horizontal direction including diagram and equations.